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Our site intends to review and comment on different holiday destinations throughout the world but specialising in Memphis and the Caribbean. There has never been quite so much choice when it comes to holidays. Whether its Europe or the state’s new holidays are cropping up all over the place. Obviously we won’t be travelling to all of them ourselves but will be taking on articles from people who have. Although we specialise in reviewing holidays we are not a travel agent and we recommend you speak to a reputable holidays expert for actual bookings.

Reviewing holiday resorts of course isn’t a new thing and although of course there are sites like trip advisor and others its sometimes difficult to get information on places that are new or off the beaten track.

Of course we welcome any comments or if you would like to review a place you have been to recently then we would be happy to hear from you.

Unfortunately some holiday review sites get competitors and of course those who just want to complain about their holiday experience. At hackamore we intend to hack through the rubbish and get to the point with positive reviews of holiday destinations. As well as Caribbean reviews we want to look at the whole of Europe as well. Have you been to a new holiday resort that you would like to share with us?

Speaking to many people over the years it’s been apparent that there isn’t enough review sites for holidays that are impartial or not full of complains. Hopefully our relatively new site will have information and guides who will help you seek out new holiday destinations that maybe you wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

Things We like to discuss at Hackamore


We don’t care if its a hot holiday to the Caribbean or a ski holiday to the Alps. At Hackamore we tend to review all the very best destinations worldwide and bring to you the great experiences we find. Of course we are always looking for contributors to the site so please feel free to contact us if you would like to add a review.


Yes I know its the most boring subject on earth but people really need to make sure they have the correct insurances in place when traveling overseas. Does your health insurance cover you in Europe? How about my key man insurance will that pay out if something happens to a key worker when over seas? We will be discussing all the different types of insurance you should look at when traveling.


The dreaded word. But people are often confused about the type of injections they should have when taking a holiday or traveling to those far away countries. Make sure you are well equipped medically but also take care to check you have all the correct injections before going overseas.


We will also be looking at the different flight companies out there and reviewing the types of offers various websites make. There are so many cheap flight companies around its difficult to know where the best place is to book a flight. With all the added extras are you really saving money by going to Easy Jet or Ryan Air?




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